If it's convenient for you to fill out this wait list application online, please do so and click "submit." The applicant should contact the Housing Manager, Ryan Edmunds, either via email or via phone to confirm that the application has been properly received.

If you would rather fill out a paper application, just call the Pines Housing Manager at 218-728-1009, and he will be pleased to send an application to you via US mail.

Generally, there are not vacancies at the Pines - so there may be a period of time in which the applicant will need to wait until an opening occurs and/or until the applicant's name comes to the top of the list for an apartment. You may contact the Housing Manager who may be able to give you a general idea of the number of applicants currently on the wait list.

  • This does not constitute an agreement to rent an apartment to you.  If an apartment becomes available, you must also meet the tenancy requirements and sign a rental agreement.

  • Management makes no representations as to when vacancies may occur or how long a wait it could be before an apartment becomes available.